Board of Trustees

Phil Leeds


Phil has lived in Jackson for 35 years. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz (BA Economics),he moved to the valley and joined Skinny Skis which was embarking on it’s first summer in business. Since 1974, Skinny Skis has been very active in the Jackson Hole community, sponsoring and hosting a number of events including the annual 4th of July 10K— the profits of which benefit Friends of Pathways. He looks forward to working with the FOP staff and board, particularly the Communications Committee. Phil enjoys cross country skiing, running, cycling and tennis. He and his wife, Heidi, have two children: Ellery and Hayden.

Amberley Goodchild Baker

Vice President

Amberley Goodchild Baker was born in Houston, Texas. She attended  Southern Methodist University and then earned her J.D. from The University of Texas at Austin. She moved from Texas to Jackson, Wyoming in 2006, where you fell in love with the trails on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. After practicing law in Jackson Hole for eight years, Amberley opened the Wylie Baker law office in January of 2016. When she isn’t working, you can find her out on her mountain bike or commuting to work on her ebike with her daughter, Ada, and husband, Schroeder.

Julie O’Halloran


After enjoying the wonderful natural resources of Jackson for over 16 years, Julie and her husband, Hugh, completed a full transition in 2015. Prior to her relocation, Julie enjoyed an active legal practice in Wisconsin for more than 25 years, and she continues her family law practice in Jackson and throughout Wyoming. For many years, Julie and Hugh were members of a “weekend warrior” cycling team that raced throughout the upper Midwest. That experience exposed her to many hours of riding on busy roads shared with traffic. She values the incredible pathway system in Jackson and appreciates how it improves safety as well as community spirit. Julie strongly believes that our bond with nature through cycling, skiing and hiking promotes a richly-connected community.

Frank Brummer


Frank Brummer, an entrepreneur for more than 27 years, sold his business, Farmweld, in 2006 to get involved in community service work. He is still involved with Farmweld, but he is also currently the President of Ride Illinois and the President of Trail Recreation Effingham County (TREC). During his 10 years of service, TREC has successfully raised millions of dollars for bike trails in Effingham County and has forged a working partnership with state and local government agencies. An avid bike rider and adventure traveler, Frank has traveled extensively throughout the United States and has done adventure travel through 48 countries on 7 continents, many of these trips with his children. While traveling the world, Frank fell in love with the trails and pathways in Teton County, and in 2016, he made Jackson his home.

Lisa Finkelstein

Lisa loves her bike! And she is a BIG fan of the Pathways in Jackson. Lisa supports the mission of Friends of Pathways and believes strongly that it creates a vibrant community in Teton County with a safe and sustainable pathways system, complete streets, and amazing trails. She is always an advocate for safety while riding and sharing the road with many modes of travel. When she is not riding with a big smile on her face, her real job is treating patients . Lisa is a Urologist in solo practice in Jackson. She enjoys Urology (with a sense of humor) and the challenges it brings every day. Lisa is from Havertown, Pennsylvania. She trained in Michigan and lived there for 15 yrs before moving to Jackson. She is on the board of the Wyoming Medical Society and is very active in supporting her fellow physicians in Wyoming. She is married to Marc and has 2 daughters, Jodi and Dani. Both girls love the mountains and the outdoors.

John Hechinger

Before moving to Jackson with his wife, Debbie, in 2003, John was CEO of a publicly traded national home improvement retailer for many years. He has also been involved in a number of venture capital and real estate activities, was Chairman of the Board of WETA (Washington DC’s public radio and television) and served on the Advisory Board for the University of Maryland at College Park. Currently he spends his time biking, fishing, golfing and skiing. John is an avid user of Jackson Hole’s pathways and is enthusiastic about continuing to improve the benefits that they bring to they community.

Jamie Mackintosh

Bio coming soon.

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Bio coming soon.

Peter Selkowitz

From Pittsfield, Mass, Peter is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and was a member of the ski team. He has lived in Jackson Hole since 1988 and is an Associate Broker with Sotheby’s International Realty and has served as a Director on various Boards including the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club and currently with Friends of Pathways. Peter is an avid biker and outdoorsman.

Stan Trachtenberg

Stan was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, which explains his predilection for the Steelers. At Washington and Jefferson, he majored primarily in English, and then he attended Jefferson Medical School. Tiring of the East, he did an internship at USC/LA County Medical Center. Following this, he spent two years in the service doing trauma research, because he was drafted as a doctor during the Vietnam War period. He then did a residency and fellowship in radiology at USC. After this, he was both in private practice and on the USC and UCLA faculties. His first time in Jackson was in 1972, when he and his wife Barbara came to ski. In 1994, they came to live full time in Jackson, and Stan began work in radiology at St. Johns Hospital. Since being in Jackson, he has served on a number of boards and has become a regular pathway user.

Ashley Watson

After graduating from UC Davis, Ashley was sent to the Tetons to guide hiking, biking, rafting, and kayaking trips for Backroads, a world wide active travel company. She knew she was home as soon as she drove into the valley. She fell in love with the mountains, the community, the lifestyle, and the endless outdoor activities. Ashley owns and operates Mountains of Groceries, a grocery delivery and private chef service located in Jackson and Sun Valley, Idaho. Her flexible schedule allows her to get out in the woods every day, trail running and mountain biking in the summer and backcountry skiing in the winter. She is thrilled to be involved with Friends of Pathways and give back to the trails and pathways she loves.

Andrew Whiteford

Andrew grew up in New England and studied business at the University of Vermont before following the call of the mountains to Jackson Hole in 2006.  Previously working within the outdoor retail industry, he now provides guests of Amangani Resort with private naturalist tours of the region, highlighting the history, geology, and ecology of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  Outside of work, he can be found exploring the mountains by foot, bicycle, and skis.  Representing a number of companies as a sponsored athlete, Andrew shares his adventures through various media outlets and has a knack for putting a GoPro to good use.  He and his partner Courtney can be found enjoying the trails & pathways, as well as playing with their 3 dogs.

Board of Advisors

Fred Arbuckle
Len Carlman


Katherine Dowson


Many years as a camper and staff member at Teton Valley Ranch Camp gave Katherine an appreciation for the mountains and this area. She moved here permanently after graduating from the University of Virginia in 1988. Since then, she’s been working in the nonprofit arena, serving on several boards including Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, as well as working for the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, the Teton Regional Land Trust, Teton County Education Foundation, and the Center of Wonder. Email Katherine >

Jack Koehler

Program Director

Jack grew up with a passion for bicycles. After graduating from UC Berkeley, with a BA in Physics, he started a business building custom steel bicycles. He moved from the California Bay Area to Teton County in 1983, drawn by a desire for a more relaxed lifestyle and to live closer to wild spaces. He is a long time supporter of pathways as a public space. “I see pathways as parks – public places that build pride and ownership while helping to establish personal connections within a community.” Jack is a serial entrepreneur, who started multiple businesses and is currently working to launch another. He has worked as a mechanical engineer, product designer and developer.He is married to Kristen Simpson and has a daughter, Katie. Email Jack >

Lauren Dickey

Communication Director

Lauren grew up in Amelia Island, Florida where she rode her bike year round. She attended Denison University and received a BA in Psychology and Sociology. After graduating, she inspired elementary students to get outdoors as a Naturalist and Montessori Teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2011, she was drawn to Jackson from the San Francisco Bay Area by the access to the outdoors and the amazing pathway system. Lauren is excited to share her love of the pathways and trails with the Jackson community. She looks forward to working with people and organizations to set up volunteer opportunities and get more kids out on trails and pathways. Email Lauren >

Chris Owen

Trails Program Manager

Chris first visited Jackson when he was 14 on a backpacking trip and knew he had to move there. After earning a BS is Recreation Resource Management from Clemson University he found his way back working at the National Outdoor Leadership School and living in Jackson between courses. He shifted to the Jackson Trail Crew and spent 8 years working on the Bridger Teton National Forest in partnership with Friends of Pathways before coming to work for us full time. Chris is an avid biker and climber and spends about as much time on the trails on his own time as he does during the work week. So look for him working along with the Youth Trail Crew and Trail Ambassadors next time you’re out on an adventure. Email Chris >

Nancy Weeks

Office Manager

Nancy, born and raised in Austin, Texas, started spending summers in Jackson as a Trip Leader for Backroads, an active travel company specializing in cycling and hiking vacations. Nancy fell in love with the pathways system and knew she wanted to get involved with Friends of Pathways. She loves her bike locker at Stilson and being able to commute to work by bike along the Highway 22 pathway. She is married to Jamie and they enjoy spending time with their dog, Maynard, skiing, hiking, cycling, fishing, and river rafting. She is an avid Texas Longhorns fan and like all good Texans loves a good margarita and watching football. Email Nancy >

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Pyramid Peak Access

A reminder for anyone skiing in the Pyramid Peak area this winter, PLEASE respect private land when entering and leaving the national forest.  The only access to the Phillip’s Canyon and Pyramid Peak area is along the access trail directly across from the plowed parking on the east side of Fish Creek Rd. ~3 miles north of Wilson.  This access trail crosses private property to the Phillip’s Canyon and Ridge trails and the landowners have been generous to let the public use this area over the years.  That does not however mean that you can ski through their property because you want a few more turns.  Please use the access trail when entering the national forest and be aware of where the property line is between the national forest and private land so on your way out you can traverse down and right and follow signs similar to the one seen here that will lead you along the boundary and to the bridge on the access trail.  Being respectful will help keep this access open for users year round, so please help spread the word among your touring partners.